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Each year thousands of children, teens and young adults suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Often, the outcome is sudden death.

What you need to know

The word “rare” has often been used by some medical professionals and media reports to pacify the public in regards to the number of incidents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) that occur in youth. This ratio is usually formulated in regards to the percentage of athletes affected out of a very specific and limited scope of the athletic population rather than including all affected youth in the United States population.  The urgency of this issue is greatly minimized when the data gleaned only represents select athletes based on restricted criteria. Consequently, the true extent of SCA and SCD amongst all athletes and youth, regardless of the activity at the time of their arrest, is not accurately represented.

Research has shown that SCA is the leading cause of death on school property with one student athlete falling victim to SCA every three to four days. Heart disease is the second leading cause of disease-related fatalities in youth according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Learning the Warning Signs and Symptoms, including family history, is critical for the early detection of heart conditions that can lead to SCA. Pediatric Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment When SCA occurs, proper performance of the 5 vital links of the link to “Cardiac Chain of Survival,” which includes early defibrillation, can increase survival rates to 60%.

What you can do

  • Know your family history
  • Ask questions about your child’s heart health
  • Take symptoms seriously and ask your physician for further cardiac testing
  • Find out if your child’s school, sporting events and practices are equipped with an AED and trained staff
  • Learn CPR & AED use
  • Join Parent Heart Watch





Early Detection
Can Save Young Hearts!  

is a national campaign designed to stress the importance of early detection of heart conditions in youth which can lead to Sudden Cardiac Death. 

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YOU Make the Difference!
is a national poster campaign aimed at those who work and live with youth to help educate and increase awareness about the observations and actions that can make the difference between life and death. 

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