October is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth is not rare.  It happens to thousands of young athletes and non-athletes each year.  This shouldn't be happening.  We have tools and technology to save young lives, but we need your help!

What Can YOU do to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest

1.  Learn about SCA in youth right here on the PHW website.  Visit the links below:

            What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Facts about SCA in Youth

Heart Screenings

Automated External Defibrillators

  2.  Become a champion in your community!  Distribute free PHW educational materials to schools, sports
       leagues, churches, and other youth serving organizations. Request copies of our special SCA        
       Awareness Month magnet, along with other educational materials which include posters, brochures, 
detection postcards, public service announcements and more.

  3.   Learn the warning signs and symptoms of a heart condition and how to save a life with the cardiac
       chain of survival.

 4.   Keep up with the news on SCA in youth by visiting the news section of the PHW website frequently. 
       Share that information with family, friends and colleagues. 

 5.   Join Parent Heart Watch!  It costs just $49 a year to be a member, and that money goes directly
       towards funding our mission of saving young lives.  Click here to learn more and join.