Stories from the Heart

Learn about the devastation that Sudden Cardiac Arrest is having on our youth - stories of seemingly healthy young lives lost suddenly and unexpectedly to SCA, and of those who suffered the fatal or severely debilitating consequences of SCA because the appropriate life-saving actions were not taken.

Michael Abt, Jr.

Louis Acompora

Sean Anderson

Kelly Ballenger

Sharon Bannasch

Chad Barcia

Anthony Bates

Cameron Batson

Janna Becker

Ryan Birley

Justin Bonafide

Ryan Boslet
Jeffrey Bowman

Richard Burch

Timothy Carroll

Johannes Claerbout

Ryan Clarke

Jessica Clinton

Burke Cobb

Ben Coulter

Jonathan Cowley

Ken Derminer

Joseph DiPrete 

Quinn Driscoll

Molly Dunne

Evan Dupuis

Cameron Echols

Kyle Edmunds

Michael Ellsessar

Sean Fisher

John Wesley Foster 

Sarah Friend

Andrew Gott

Brandon Goyne

Michaela Grove

Michael Halpin

Andrew Helgeson

Joseph Hendrix

Jeremy Hebert

Danielle Hymowitz

Jordan Johnson

Darius Jones

Adam Keenan

Maxwell King

Charlie Kontos

August Koontz

Matthew Krug

Adam Lemel

Andrew Lewis

Ryan Lopyinski

Kevin Lucas

Rafe Maccarone

Kevin Major

Madison McCarthy

Ramiro "Toti" Mendez

Keith Morgan

Chase Morris
Greg Moyer

Dominic Murray

Maggie O'Malley
Andrew Ortega

Shane Ozene

Nick Over
Eric Paredes

Corrine Patterson

Andy Pena
Larry Pontbriant

Emilie Puricelli

Robert Regalado

Liam Regensburg

Marc Allen Richard
Travis Roy

Brock Ruether 

Matthew Rush

Justin Saccone

Jose Santos

Louis Savino

Sara Schacht

Grant Schoen

Zachary Schrah

Timothy Scott

Kaitlin Seidel

Adam Seymour

Aidan Silva

Thomas Noah Smith

Paul Simmons, Jr.

Jenny Snyder

Cody Stephens

Kayla Stanford


Simon Sudman

Josh "Moose" Thibodeau

Adam Thompson

Zachary Tompkins

Kelsey Trainor

Nicky Varrenti

Darius Vasseghi

Matt Velez

Taylor Waltman

Jonathan Wenhold

Ryan Wetters

Antwon Whitehead

Terrell Wilson

Danny Woods

Jesse Yeakle

Janet Zilinski

Taylor Allan

Eddie Barnett, Jr.

Virginia Bevis 

Raven Blanco

Evan Boungnasiri

Crissy Brackett 

Jimmy Brackett

Jarrett Brenner

David Brooks

Chad Butrum

Brooke Cambron

Danica Canfield 

Savannah Carroll 

Matthew Casto

Andrew Cohn

Gavin Collins

Andrew Crockett

Chase Dancer

Nicholas DePasquale 

David Deuel

Zachary Eckles 

Blake English

Jayme Espinoza

Alex Farese

Alaric Fisher

Derrick French

Julia Frisk 

John Gibson

Kimberly Gillary 

Alayna Griffin 

Alberto Hernandez

Chris Hiscoe

Olivia Hoff

Shannon Huber

Jessamyn Iselin

Ashley Jolly

Graeme Jones

Antwoine Key

Sara Krauss

Tommy Leek

Robbie Levine

Annie Liberati

Nicholas Lindsay

Brian Locklear

Sandy Loftus

Matt Love

Grace Lovegrove
Donella Mackmiller
Conor Martin

Robie Masterson

Kiki McBride

Joshua McCormick

Ricky McGregor

Travis Mendoza

Joshua Miller

Michael Monteleone 

Jean-Sebastien Morin

Tim Nickos

David Norell

Carlton Parkman

Nader Parman 

Brendan Pedder

DeCarlo Polk

Paul Schafer

Connor Scott

Sarah Sesay

Ashlyn Shoemaker

Robbie Simpson

Victor Sims 

Cody Schmidt

Marcus Steele 

Craig Stille 

Nicole Suchowiecky

Daniel Sung Walser

Jordan Street

Christopher Tredennick

Jordan Tucker

Ryleigh Vigneux

Kelly Weaver

Brandon Williams

Bryan Yu 

Kevin Yu  

Stuart Zurvalec 


Early Detection
Can Save Young Hearts!  

is a national campaign designed to stress the importance of early detection of heart conditions in youth which can lead to Sudden Cardiac Death. 

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YOU Make the Difference!
is a national poster campaign aimed at those who work and live with youth to help educate and increase awareness about the observations and actions that can make the difference between life and death. 

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