What Can You Do TODAY to Save Lives?


  • Join Parent Heart Watch!  It costs just $49 a year to be a member, and that money goes directly towards funding our mission of saving young lives.  Click here to learn more and join
  • Keep up with the news on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth by visiting the news section of the PHW website frequently.  Share that information with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Become a champion in your community.  Distribute PHW educational materials (posters, brochures, early detection postcards, etc.) to raise awareness of SCA in youth. 
  • Donate to support our efforts.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects thousands of children and young adults each year…

Every youth can be at risk…

Every voice makes a difference…

Support PHW

  • Fundraise to support PHW national education, awareness and advocacy programs.
  • Ask family, friends and colleagues to donate to PHW on birthdays, holidays, in remembrance of, or in tribute to, in lieu of giving gifts.
  • Share your time, talents, specialty services or skills with PHW.  

    Every effort makes a difference.

    Champion in Your Community
  • Discuss PHW’s mission with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Sign up for our free PHW e-newsletter and participate in “call to action” alerts.
  • Use PHW products (t-shirts, car window clings, pens); distribute PHW brochures, campaign materials, public service announcements; forward PHW e-newsletters to family, friends and colleagues.
  • Connect with foundations, companies, and philanthropic individuals, to engage their financial support for PHW. Engage children and youth in school activities that raise awareness, educate and raise funds to further PHW’s mission.
  • Connect key people in your community to PHW that support our mission.

    You make our national voice stronger.

    Become a Parent Heart Watch Corporate Champion or Have Your Employer Become One
  • Many people enjoy doing business with an organization that aims to save young lives and give youth a better future.
  • Enjoy a “brand boost” by being aligned with the PHW mission.
  • Working with a PHW can boost your sales, particularly when you tie it in with a promotion where your extra profits go to support a PHW program.
  • In many cases, expenses towards helping PHW will qualify for tax-deductions. (Always consult first with your accountant).
  • While profits are “worthy,” working for the “greater good” provides a deeper meaning for what you do and is a powerful driving force to succeed.

    Together we make a greater difference.


Early Detection
Can Save Young Hearts!  

is a national campaign designed to stress the importance of early detection of heart conditions in youth which can lead to Sudden Cardiac Death. 

To order this free important printed material, please submit your complete name, organization name (if applicable), mailing address, telephone number and quantity desired to contact@parentheartwatch.org

YOU Make the Difference!
is a national poster campaign aimed at those who work and live with youth to help educate and increase awareness about the observations and actions that can make the difference between life and death. 

To order these free and timeless posters, please submit your complete name, organization name (if applicable), mailing address, telephone number and number of posters to contact@parentheartwatch.org